Observation tower in Gozdno, Zawodna mountain

Zawodna Mountain - 445 m a.s.l. Distance from the Kapella Inn in two directions:  (Distance given to the forest parking lot under (...)

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The Norwegian Park and the Spa Park in Cieplice

The Norwegian Park is located in the center of the Cieplice Zdrój health resort. There are 57 species of trees and bushes growing in the park. (...)

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Mount Okole - extinct volcano 714 m a. s.l.

The second peak of the Katshava mountains, a vantage point.

Okole in Katshava mountains 714 m a.s.l.   Distance from Kapella Inn:   around (...)

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Cross Mountain in Podgórki 567 m a.s.l.

Cross Mountain in Podgórki 567 m a.s.l. To the north of the upper part of Podgórki stands the woodless Cross Mountain (567 m (...)

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Pearl of the West and the duke's tower in Siedlęcin

Educational path of the Beaver Valley Landscape Park Distance from Kapella Inn:     12 (...)

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